Cool Treats on Pitt Street

August 3, 2022

POV: You’re sitting on the couch, peeling yourself off the leather to make your way to the kitchen for a cool treat. The problem is that you don’t have anything on hand to beat the heat. Don’t sweat it. (Seriously.) Here are some of our favourite cool treats on Pitt Street!

Smoothies - Simply Jennifer

Jennifer always has the perfect smoothie ready to go! Made of whole fruits, veggies, and plant milk, this sweet treat isn’t just good for your taste buds but also for your health! Nourish your body with her signature smoothies, sure to get you refreshed and energized for the whole day!

Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream - The Happy Popcorn Co.

Summer’s go-to treat is just a few steps into our downtown core. Stop by the happiest place on Pitt Street to indulge in a mega cone before exploring the neighbouring shops. Not only will you enjoy your cool treat, but you’ll also find yourself loving their mission to build an inclusive, purposeful, and fun place to work!

House-Made Kombucha - Carrots & Dates

Can we all agree that anything made in-house is always a treat? Find the most delicious organic kombucha in three different flavours at their newly renovated location just steps away from Lamoureux Park. Grab a bottle and settle for an afternoon picnic by the St. Lawrence River.

Iced Coffee - Tilly’s Eatery & Delicatessen

Coffee, but make it cool. Customize your cup with flavour shots and milk of choice for the go-to on-the-run drink. Carol Ann and co. will ensure you get your fix just how you like it or suggest some of their in-house classics for you to enjoy. Take that energy to the streets for a lovely walk on the promenade in the company of a good friend.

Supporting the small businesses that shape our community is easy when you get to indulge in a cool treat! We hope you’ll try some of our favs, and tag us and tell us which is your favourite! We love to hear about your experiences in the downtown district!

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