Laser Advanced Spa

112 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario

10 years ago I was suffering a severe case of Rosacea, which is a hereditary skin condition that causes painful acne-like skin sores, spider veins in the face and a bulbous red nose. It was embarrassing and I felt like I couldn't go in public without applying make-up. I just wanted to be free of this skin condition, but I couldn't find any treatments locally and had to travel over an hour. Because it wasn't taken care of right away the condition attacked the skin around my eye and caused blepharitis (causes redness around the eye lids). After my treatments I felt motivated to help other individuals personally, I didn't want anyone to go through what I did without someone to help them. In 2005 I received my Certificate of Medical Laser Esthetician and opened Laser Advanced Spa.

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Come enjoy downtown Cornwall, where the streets are lined with unique shops, luxury services, cafés and restaurants, all nestled along the historic St. Lawrence River.

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