Wade WG Criminal Law Barrister

17 Second St W, Cornwall ON

Wade WG Criminal Law Barrister are ready to help you with your legal needs today. They can serve your needs as attorneys, solicitors, legal counselors and even more and can tackle your legal requirements on marital inquiries. They have the competences to advise you with your immigration questions and can help in the event of incorporation or contracts. They can guide you with occupational health safety, collective bargaining, employee privacy, legislative advice and drafts of contracts and are open late Friday and throughout week-ends.

Experience Downtown

Come enjoy downtown Cornwall, where the streets are lined with unique shops, luxury services, cafés and restaurants, all nestled along the historic St. Lawrence River.

Parking Downtown

Parking downtown is easy, just follow these steps!

Locate your ideal parking lot.

Download the HotSpot App and add your vehicle.

Head downtown and pay for parking using the HotSpot App, or use the conveniently located pay-by-plate machine or meter.

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